Richard Buckley
Good For You  |  Good For Others  |  Good For The Planet


Good for You


Good to Eat: Food must be delicious, exciting and thought-provoking.


Good on Nutriton: We buy our produce from places that farm properly and emphasise soil health over yields.  Wholefoods are better for you, where possible we use grains, nuts, and seeds in their natural state and we serve the whole of the vegetable, not just the boring middle bit.  


Good for Others


Good for Animals: We only serve food made from plants, that way you don’t have to worry about the horrors of industrial agriculture.


Good for Workers:  We only buy products from sources that engage in positive working practices.


Good for the Planet  


Good on Transport: We buy as local as possible to minimise the miles your food travels.   

Good on waste:  We recycle and compost as much of our waste as humanly possible.  We don’t work with companies that send us unnecessary plastic packaging.